Friday, June 30, 2017

Texas - A good way renew a driving license

Texas driving licences last 6 years, and after 6 years you can renew online, and after 12 years you have to go to the state center to have your eyes tested, get a new mug shot, and fresh set of thumb prints. 12 years ago you did not have to show you were a legal resident, now you do.

The GetInLine Online website was not working, so I got there 20 mins early, they open at 07:30, and joined a line of about 15 people. Ten minutes later, a happy guy comes out with a box and asks you what you are here for, and then gives you a clipboard with the correct form, and a pen with flowers sprouting out the end.

The doors opened on time.  The place is huge, but very organized, you are directed to a set of touch screens where you choose what you need and it prints out a paper with a number.

I sat in the waiting room just 5 minutes and my number came up. I was the first customer for the day, and was done in about 10 minutes, most of that waiting for the signature reader to connect to the computer.

Who can tell what it will be like in another 12 years.

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