Monday, June 20, 2016

Garage update

The concrete floor was added in the Spring, now I am back improving the front facade with vertical and square pillars to support four inward swinging doors.  The original structure leans to left, see the new vertical side on the right hand side in the first picture.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bee update

The hives were installed last year, but it was early summer and a really wet year, so no honey in the fall.

This year is better, the box that is blue and pink is full of honey and the green box above it is being filled by the bees.

At the base of the blue/pink box is a metal separator that has a hole the worker bees can pass through, but the larger queen cannot. This stops the queen from laying brood, and the cells are filled with just honey.

Below the metal divider is enough honey to keep the hive alive through the winter months. In the fall the top two boxes, called Honey Super, will be removed and processed to separate the honey and wax.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Mini Library - Feedback always appreciated

Note found tucked in a cowboy paperback. I have no idea who Flo is but somehow she knows my name

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Danny Collins - the Movie

A story of redemption.

A surprisingly good movie, with Al Pacino playing the aging rock star Danny Collins, who enjoys wealth and its trappings, but has not written any new material in 30 years. He, and the women that go to his concerts, grow old together, his love interest is stuck at 22.

His manager gives him a gift, a letter from John Lennon, sent to Danny via the music studio decades before when he was first starting out in music. The letter arrives a little too late. It is the trigger that causes him to rethink his life and where it went wrong, what it might have been.  He seeks redemption, goes to meet his son in New Jersey. It does not go well, and in the end no one really changes, but they do try to tolerate each other a little more.

Menil Museum
The Menil is a gem, a free museum that is small but full of interesting things. We went to see the street photographs of Henri Cartier-Bresson, an excellent collection covering time and space.

One of the other buildings on the campus, called the "Byzantine Fresco Chapel" has a four story wall.  It was purposed build to display fresco's from Cyprus, which were returned in 2012. Now it hosts hundreds of paintings created through history of Saint Fabiola. The collection belongs to artist Francis Alÿs.

The Menil website shows some of these displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Sunset over temporary lakefront property

It was almost sunset and the rainbow was almost vertical. One day the rain will end and the lake will be gone.

Conversation with Rabbit

Rabbit is my neighbor in the country, we have nothing in common, and rarely come in contact, see last real conversation. I had no idea where this conversation was going, but there was a good chance it would be unpleasant, we were standing at the scene of the crime, near the road, at the end of the alley that separates our two properties.

He was talkative. About the rain, whether the ground was too soft to mow, people driving by and littering. And a human observation, "People eat in their cars outside McDonald's and leave their trash in a bag on the pavement and drive off leaving it behind," he said.

His back was hurting, and I said, "I saw somebody weed-eating for you last week." "Yes," he volunteered, "He came by and wanted help, so I gave him $20 to weed-eat along the fences."

This was a side of Rabbit I did not know. We parted amiably, "See you later," he said.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Around Here - Outside the big city

The guy should go far, but he is a product of his local environment which needs a little explanation:

  • Varsity - The Principle team at high school or college
  • Brahmas - Not the Hindu creator god but probably a American football team name after Brahma cattle
  • 4-H - Youth organisation
  • FFA - Future Farmers of America, also a youth organization