Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Energy flow to Houston

Three times a day, every day, a coal train leaves Wyoming Powder River Basin and heads south towards Texas, to a coal and gas power station south of Houston. 32 million kg of coal a day, 6.3 million kwh per day.

An energy flow of 2500 Megawatts of chemical power, 3 giant pulses a day.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Human Emigration and Immigration 2005-2010 - The 50 largest flows

This graph was featured in the Scientific American for 2014 June. A clever way to display the migration data between nations.  Japan is not here; it has population that has started to shrink, with minimal immigration, unlike other modern wealthy democracies.


Fungi are wonderful creatures, share a common ancestor with animals and not plants. They live off of dead organic matter, as in this humus-rich soil. They convert oxygen to CO2 just as animals do.

They live in the soil and may cover acres, and pop up for a short time when the conditions are right, and then disappear out of view.

It is believed fungi populate the land areas in the Cambrian (around 500 Ma) before green chlorophyll based land plants.

And they are all edible, and most do not kill you. This one looked too yellow and too unappetizing.