Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crazy People

Mormonism, the church of the latter day saints, is a problematic religion.

Most Mormons live in Utah, and the state had a long run in with the United States about the church and polygamy.  Until the church renounced plural marriage, it was barred to joining the Union. So the church leader had a message from God, and the issue was resolved.

Mormonism has become mainstream, but there are still outposts especially in the desert country of Utah and Arizona which practice more extreme versions of the religion including plural marriage. There is a huge compound in Texas, the YFZ ranch in West Texas which was raided in 2008 by the State of Texas.  The raid was well intentioned, but did not go well, and caused much harm.

In these closed communities, everyone is brainwashed.  There is a surplus of guys, so they kick out many of the teenager boys who have no education, no job skills, and all of a sudden no family.  The girls are married off to the guys that run the show, at a young age.  They mistreat their children behind compound gates, away from society.

Plural marriage involves one guy and many women and never the reverse. Considering the more violent nature of guys, a many guy, one woman arrangement could get violent in a hurry. It would dissolve of its own accord.

Germany and other countries have mandatory state schooling, and home schooling is banned. This would go a long way to resolved this issue, and protect children from crazy people.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Who killed Mr Green?

(1) No one, it was an accident
(2) Mr Green committed suicide, he is bipolar and his better side removed him from society
(3) Bates - He did not go to York, he went to London and took revenge  (but too easy)
(4) Anna - Was in London and had MOTIVE, and wanted to protect Bates by getting to the kill first
(5) Mary - Was in London and felt responsible to do good, for the family business
(6) Earl of Grantham, came back from the USA via London a day early, and did his part to help his employees
(7) Thomas, came back from the USA via London a day early, and is evil anyway
(8) Lord Gillingham to please Mary.  He may be Sherlock in disguise and deduced what Mary would not tell him.

Quote of the day - from Thomas Friedman

..... What a contrast. Silicon Valley: where ideas come to launch. Washington, D.C., where ideas go to die. Silicon Valley: where there are no limits on your imagination and failure in the service of experimentation is a virtue. Washington: where the “imagination” to try something new is now a treatable mental illness covered by Obamacare and failure in the service of experimentation is a crime. Silicon Valley: smart as we can be. Washington: dumb as we wanna be.